The Wentworth/ Dancy family

David came from a large family (see Family Tree), his mother Violet Skinner had 13 children. Eight from her first marriage to Charles Wentworth and five from her marriage to David’s father William Henry Dancy.

Violet was previously married to Charles Wentworth, before her second marriage to William Henry Dancy.

From a newspaper clipping in August 1944 , we know some of their ages at the time, were as follows,

H. Wentworth (38)

Francis Leslie Wentworth (36)

Francis (Service Number : 1122693) was killed in action in France, on the 5th August 1944, whilst serving in the Royal Artillery 68 Anti Tank Regiment, and is buried in Fontenay-le-Pesnel cemetery, Tessel (Link 1)

Arnold Wentworth (31)

Tim Wentworth (25)

Jock Dancy (22)

Joe Dancy (21)

David Dancy (20)

David (Service Number : 1676169) was killed on the 9th December 1958, when the Avro Shackleton, S/N VP254, crashed in the South China Sea, close to Sin Cowe island. More details here.

Mary Dancy(18)