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We met on Friday 21st October 1994 on a blind date, arranged by our good friend Caroline. Jane was working in the Swan public house at the time, and all of the staff had arranged to go for a meal in the Indian restaurant across the road.

We've both been married before and are now happier than we've been for many years. Jane has two daughters, Sarah and Ruth, who are both grown up now. Sarah lives in Southampton, Ruth in North Camp.

When we first met, I promised Jane that if we were still together after 20 years that I would marry her. In the end I couldn't wait that long, on our 8th anniversary I proposed to her over dinner one night in Cuba. Thankfully she accepted and we were married on October 23rd 2004 (see Wedding Page), exactly 10 years & 2 days since we first met.

On June 15th 2007 we moved to York with my work and have bought a chalet style bungalow about three miles from the city centre.