David Dancy

Story of a Flight Engineer



A collection of Air Force pictures

Picture 1

David in uniform

Picture 2

David outside No.2 Ferry Pool (back row left)

Picture 3

David in front of a Short Stirling

Picture 4

Crew of VP254 on arrival at Changi on 19th May 1958
Right to left, Sgt. Marshall, Sgt. Barnley, Sgt. Sixsmith, Flt. Sgt. Owen, Master Sgt. Stewart, Flt. Sgt. David Dancy, Fg. Off. Jones, Flt. Lt. Moore, Wg.Cdr. McCready (OC 205 Squadron), Flt. Lt. Stan Bouttell, Fg. Off. John Hutchinson

Picture 5

Gp. Capt. I.C.K.Swailes greeting the crew at Changi

Picture 6

Welcoming crowd greeting VP254

Picture 7

VP254 just after engine shutdown